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I'm sheepish

Gonna repost this for more positive stuff in the journal now XD
Rules :
First 10 to comment I'll feature one of your characters and say why I like them (You don't need to post them, I'll go to your gallery).
If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

(And I actually have two original taggers I need to address)

1. :iconluifex:Lune - Body Ref by Luifex Here is her Zelda OC Lune. I always kinda liked the Fierce Deity from Majora's Mask and I've always been kinda curious where their kind of race came from. Plus, I guess I always liked white hair on characters. And sometimes the quiet ones can be cool; (or, at least he seems like the quiet one, I don't know honestly). Either way, he looked neat.

2. :iconlei-fang: -  Blue singular by Lei-Fang I don't really know her name (I think it's Dee?) Anyway, I like her kinda like her because of the baby pictures she drew of her XD - Little Dee by Lei-Fang

3. :iconmightyray: -  <da:thumb id="429991364"/> Ooooo, this is neat. It's uh...(I don't know her name) But based on her description, I actually really like her. It's a power type female, BUILT like a power type female. A very refreshing design compared to most girl Sonic characters!

4. :iconscotskunk: -  Scot Skunk Reference Sheet by scotskunk looks like his name is Scot. I'm guessing he's a ladies man or something? I dunno. He looks neat though.

5. :iconirobashi-chronicles: (choosing Ani would technically be cheating, because even though Ani is still her character, she's been involved with mine so much it'd be a biased opinion. XD So I looked again at her other characters) - Oregon Sketch by Irobashi-Chronicles and here's Oregon!

Now, to sum it up (in her words btw)

There is/was a decently sized writing community who enjoyed Transformers. We wrote stories together and created a massive plot along with a bunch of sub-plots.

Well, we also loved a show that Rooster Teeth created, Red vs Blue.

We modified the idea so that we could have a Red vs Blue crossover and then a handful of people ended up creating their own Freelancers.

Oregon is mine and I decided to go ahead and "what if Oregon was a Transformer?".

She's a medic which would explain some of her designs on top of hours of, "CHASSIS.. WHY WON'T YOU WORK WITH ME? THAT'S IT! RANDOM SHAPES IT IS!"

I don't know much about Oregon's personality, but I do like her design XD and the fact she slaps stickers on herself to decorate at the expense of others getting mad at it.

So, yeah.






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